Three Tips For New Self-Storage Owners

If you have recently got yourself a self-storage unit then you might be just about ready to start moving in some of your belongings. These units can hold a lot more than you might expect at first glance, so it pays to be thoughtful with how you actually store your items. Think about the order in which you are going to start putting stuff away, and not only that but how you will protect them in the future. Here are three tips for every self-storage owner to help ensure that your items last as long as possible in your rented storage facility. 

Put Down A Tarpaulin Or Rubber Flooring

There are a number of different reasons why putting down a tarpaulin, or perhaps some rubber flooring mats like you might use in a home gym, is a good idea for your storage uni. Firstly, it can prevent water damage if there is ever a slight leak in the building, but also it can prevent the bottom of your belongings from getting scratched or scuffed in any way. For older, more antique furniture, you really don't want it to rub against bare concrete for too long, and so a small barrier can help it survive better into the future.

Document It All

Whenever you add or take something out of your self-storage rental, it is a good idea to update a spreadsheet that you have about the contents of the unit. This can help you years down the road when you can't quite remember if you put an old sweater or some antique jewelry in your storage unit, or if it is somewhere in your attic or garage. Having a list at the self-storage unit (perhaps on the wall just inside your unit) and one at home, saved in the cloud, can be a simple way to keep things in check.


Most self-storage units don't have a lot of frills, which is why you might think about adding some yourself. Putting up a small table in the room so you can more easily pack and unpack boxes when you search for stuff can be a good plan. Keeping a flashlight with batteries will help you look under boxes and into corners where the main light might not reach. Even the presence of a simple chair can make it a bit more homely when you want to simply peruse photo albums or reminisce a bit over old books and journals. 

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