How To Use Self Storage When Your Need Additional Space

Self-storage units are handy when you have some items that you want to keep, but you are not using right now. Many people use them to put their belongings in when they are moving and need to place to put things while in transition as well. Sometimes renting a storage unit has nothing to do with moving, but it is a way to keep something you need handy and accessible safely. 

What Can You Store in Self-Storage?

When it comes to putting things in your self-storage unit, there is very little you can't store. Most storage facilities do not allow organic items, and they do not allow chemicals because they are dangerous and could result in a fire or other emergency. Storage facilities are different from company to company, and most of them will tell you what you can't store, but what you can store, well, that is a little different. 

You can store household items like clothing, books, toys, furniture, kitchen items, and even appliances. Whatever you have that you don't need right now can most likely go into your self-storage unit. Many times people put the entire contents of an apartment or a house into storage while they are waiting to move into a new home. 

You could also use the storage unit as a place to store tools or equipment as long as they do not have any gasoline in them. For a contractor or painter that runs a small business but has does not garage at home, A storage unit is a great place to put ladders, tools, and other things that you don't want to bring in the house. 

Organizing Your Storage Unit

If you are storing anything in your storage unit that you will need access to regularly, you need to take some time to organize the unit so you don't have to dig through it looking for an item. Boxes are a little hard to organize but if you label them and try to stack them in a horseshoe shape around the parameter of the unit, it can help you find things quickly.

If you are storing tools, equipment, or supplies in your storage unit, investing in some metal shelving to put in the unit can be a great way to organize things. Put the tools that you regularly use on to the shelves so that you can quickly go to the unit and pick them up.

Keep as much as you can off the floor with shelves, racks, or pallets in case you get any water in the unit when it rains and make sure you choose a storage facility that will let you enter anytime so that you can get to the items in your storage unit any time you need them. 

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