Store It Or Toss It? Common Garage Findings During A Clean-Out

You're cleaning out your garage to make room for actually housing your vehicle. You've rented a storage unit and a dumpster to make the clean-out easier to achieve. Here is a look at common garage findings and what you should keep or toss and why. 

Store It: Modern holiday decorations. 

You probably use these for a few weeks out of the year or a month at most. Having them hanging around in your garage all year and taking up space really doesn't make a lot of sense. Go ahead and pack up the tree, ornaments, and holiday yard stuff and send them to the storage unit.  

Toss It: Outdated holiday decorations. 

Most people have at least a few old holiday decorations they hang onto even though they rarely get used. However, there is a risk that comes along with using outdated electrical decorations. Get rid of anything you do not use every year, anything broken or tattered, and anything that is severely old. 

Store It: Extra furniture pieces. 

Having a few extra furniture pieces around can make it a lot easier for you if you decide to do some rearranging or redecorating. However, these items really shouldn't be hanging around in your garage. Go ahead and place them in a self-storage facility.

Toss It: Broken furniture pieces. 

The table with a broken leg, the chair that you have been planning to refinish for 10 years, and the entertainment center that houses a TV you no longer own are good examples of furniture pieces that you can toss.

Store It: Necessary parts for your vehicle. 

Maybe you have an extra bumper for your car. Perhaps you have invested in a spare battery. Every garage is bound to hold at least a few vehicle parts and accessories, and these items can really come in handy. However, it is best to go ahead and place them in storage where they will be out of the way but still accessible when you need them.

Toss It: Parts to an old vehicle you don't own. 

Your prior vehicle needed a lot of work, and you ended up investing in a lot of extra parts. Now the vehicle is gone, but you still have all those extra parts hanging around in your garage. It is best to go ahead and trash these parts or pass them along to someone who can use them. Chances are high that if you don't, they will sit in place and take up space in your garage for the long term.

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