Protect Your Power Tools From A Harsh Winter By Keeping Them In A Storage Unit

A backyard shed isn't always the safest place to store expensive power tools since a shed can be broken into fairly easily. Your garage may not be a good storage space either since your car takes up so much room and you may want your car in the garage during the winter months. When you want to keep your tools organized and protected, a storage unit is the ideal choice. Here are some tips for using a unit to store your tools over the winter.

Consider The Benefits Of Climate Control

Tools are usually hardy instruments, but some have plastic parts that could get brittle when the plastic freezes, and rust on metal is always a concern. Plus, if your tools are exposed to freezing temperatures while in storage, the batteries could be damaged unless you remove them and store the batteries in your house. You can work around these problems by renting a climate-controlled unit that keeps your tools from freezing and that maintains a steady temperature and humidity all winter long.

Organize The Unit Like A Workshop

Resist the urge to put all your tools in totes and stack them in your storage unit. That makes individual tools hard to find, and you may avoid digging out the tools you need and just buy new ones instead. You can bring in wire shelves or cabinets with drawers and set up a storage system you might like to have in your garage if you had room. By attaching hooks to the shelves, you can hang some of your tools so they stay safe and are easy to find at a glance. Once your tools are organized, you'll always know where everything is so you can grab the tools you'll need for the project you're working on.

Clean The Tools Before Storing Them

Be sure to clean your tools before placing them in the storage unit and before you return them after using the tools. Tools that are wet or dirty run the risk of developing rust. Plus, dirt can attract insects to your unit and possibly do harm to some of your belongings. Cleaning can be as easy as wiping the tools down, but if you use water, be sure the tools are completely dry. Tools that need oil or gas should be drained before putting them in storage.

A storage unit is useful for storing tools over a long winter so the tools don't get damaged by freezing temperatures in a shed or by being stuffed in boxes with other tools in a cramped garage. However, you may like your organized unit so much that it makes sense to rent it all year for seasonal tools and equipment too.

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