Moving In With A Significant Other? Questions To Ask Yourself To Help You Determine What To Keep And What To Ditch

If you are moving in with your significant other, you may be wondering what to do with your household goods. Some people place items in storage, some people take items along with them, and some people donate or sell their goods. Asking yourself specific questions can help you determine what items you should store, move with you, or ditch. 

Are You Sure Your Relationship Will Work? 

Any time you are moving in with a partner for the first time, you are hopeful that your relationship will work. But, you learn a lot about someone when you live with them. Most experts recommend holding onto your furniture and household goods for at least a few months when moving in with a partner, just in case there are signs of trouble or you are unable to live together. 

Is Your Item Newer or In Better Condition Than Your Partners? 

The next thing you want to do is evaluate what condition your partner's furniture or electronics are in and what condition yours are in. If your items are nicer, newer, or in overall better condition, it may make more sense for you to keep your specific item and get rid of your partners. For example, maybe your dining room table is newer and in better condition. Move yours in and move your partners out. 

Does Your Style Mesh With Your Significant Other's Style? 

Before you move any items into your partner's home, consider whether your style meshes with their style. If you have two different styles, your items may not fit in with the overall style of the home. Some couples decide which style they want to go with, while others decide to clear out both people's household goods and create a new style together as a couple. 

Are Your Items Valuable or Do They Have Sentimental Value? 

Lastly, consider whether your items are valuable or if they have sentimental value. If you have items that are relatively cheap and have no value or sentimental value, it may make more sense to ditch your belongings and start fresh if things don't work out, compared to paying to store those items. However, if you have valuable items or items that are priceless to you, you may want to hold on to those items, even if that means renting a storage unit to keep them. 

It can be tough deciding what items you want to move with you, what items you want to store, and what items you want to get rid of when you are combining your life and moving in with a partner. Asking each of these questions can help you determine what the best course of action is for specific items. If you have items that you want to store, contact a storage facility like Attic Pantry Storage to inquire about the unit sizes they have available and how much rent is for those units. 

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