How Self-Storage Can Help Your New Business

Many new businesses can benefit from self-storage facilities. You might not know that you need self-storage until you start your business or analyze your business needs. Below are some of the specific ways self-storage can help your business grow.


Most entrepreneurs don't have the money to rent a big space when starting. In fact, even if you have the money, it's advisable to start out small and grow your premises as your business grows. After all, you may have to relocate or close your business soon after its inception, and you don't want to do that after signing a lease for a large space. This means you are unlikely to have space for all your business items on your premises.

Money Savings

Renting a self-storage unit is much cheaper than renting a comparable office space. For example, self-storage costs rarely exceed $2 per square foot. Office space, on the other hand, commands prices in the region of hundreds of dollars per square foot. Thus, you can save money by renting a small office and keeping the rest of the stuff in a storage unit.

Business Operations

If you don't have money to rent a commercial space or you want to save money, you can actually run your business from a suitable self-storage facility. Some of the businesses you can run from a storage unit include vintage furniture sales, video production, art sales, and many others. Some storage facilities have business-support services specifically geared toward those who would want to run their businesses from the facilities. Some storage facilities even offer meeting rooms, internet services, and even courier services as a support to those who want to run some of their business operations from the facilities.


If you run a mobile business or your business involves lots of fieldwork, then it may be convenient for you to have satellite offices from which you can operate. For example, if you run a home staging business, it might not be convenient to operate from a single location if you want to service a wide area. You can use a self-storage unit as a quasi-branch for your business so that you can access your business tools with ease.

One of the best things about self-storage is that it is scalable. You can start with a small unit and increase your storage space as your storage needs grow. Reach out to businesses like Eastside Self Storage and RV Park to learn more about self-storage.

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